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Make Math a Game with Playing Cards

Your child will want to learn math with card games. When learning is enjoyable and fun, it's easier and children are more receptive. Get started with these games to help your child become a math savvy, cardshark.

Go Fish for Tens

Making tens is a skill necessary for learning estimation, addition, and re-grouping. This game works for 2 to 5 people. It’s similar to the game Go Fish. Players receive seven cards. The remaining cards go in “the pond” or the middle. Instead of making a pair as you would in Go Fish, the objective is to make 10. For example, if one player has a 2, they would ask for an 8. Once a match is made, it is put down. If no match is made, players must draw one card from the pond. The player with the most matches wins the game. If you decide to keep face cards in the deck, players must use subtraction instead of addition to equal ten.


This game is for three people and is designed to improve your child's addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills. One person is the dealer or “captain” and deals one card to each player. Without looking at the card, players hold the card up to their foreheads and say “salute.” The captain says the sum, difference or product of the two cards. The player to guess the number on their card first wins both cards. The player with the most cards at the end of the deck wins. For example, if a player has an 8 and the other player has a 7, if practicing addition: the dealer will say “The sum is 15.”, subtraction: “The difference is 1.”, multiplication: “The product is 56”. The first player to guess the number on their card wins the cards. For older children, it is possible to practice all three math skills at once. The captain can rotate through each of the phrases throughout gameplay. This makes gameplay even more challenging and exciting for your child.

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